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Please make checks payable and send to:
Paws-N-Heel Dog Training Center
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Please confirm class availability prior to payment: 860-267-6040. Payment in advance is required along with your registration.

We would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to answer the following questions. Please be assured that we do not share or sell personal information about you except when we have your permission.

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"Do you have any concerns about your dog being aggressive with people or other dogs? If so, please explain."
If your dog has had any illness or skin disorder in the last 6 months, state the nature of the problem and whether treated by a vet:

Please print, read, sign and send the release form located by clicking on this link: Release Form. Please print out your completed registration form and release form and send with your payment, to 6 Niles St, East Hampton Ct 06424.

Facility location: 196 East High Street - East Hampton, CT 06424
Mailing address: 6 Niles Street, EastHampton, CT 06424
Phone: 860-267-6040
email: pawsnheeldogtrainingcenter


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